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Celebrate World Oceans Day


photograph courtesy of pixabay.com

Celebrate World Oceans Day today!

Did you know that the oceans cover approximately 71% of the Earth’s surface? That’s not including smaller seas, large lakes and rivers. Really, our planet should be called Water, not Earth. At least 230 000 species live there that we know about- but because our oceans are widely unexplored, there are bound to be hundreds of thousands of unknown species of sea life.

According to oceanographers, we’ve only explored 5% of the ocean. That’s such a tiny amount for our modern society, which seems to know everything and be everywhere. Think about it- thousands of miles of water unexplored by humans.

And yet even though we know so little about our oceans, we’re perfectly capable of destroying them. Continue reading Celebrate World Oceans Day


Walking on Water- why shouldn’t we waste it?

Recently, my family woke up to discover that one of the things we always take for granted was no longer available. When we turned the taps on, no more than the merest dribble of water dripped out.

I can’t remember the last time we’ve unexpectedly had to be without drinking water. Suddenly, all those things we do in the mornings were a lot harder. We couldn’t make a cup of tea or brush our teeth, let alone take a shower or flush the toilet. So my younger brother was sent next door with an empty bucket and a hopeful expression. Continue reading Walking on Water- why shouldn’t we waste it?