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Celebrate World Oceans Day


photograph courtesy of pixabay.com

Celebrate World Oceans Day today!

Did you know that the oceans cover approximately 71% of the Earth’s surface? That’s not including smaller seas, large lakes and rivers. Really, our planet should be called Water, not Earth. At least 230 000 species live there that we know about- but because our oceans are widely unexplored, there are bound to be hundreds of thousands of unknown species of sea life.

According to oceanographers, we’ve only explored 5% of the ocean. That’s such a tiny amount for our modern society, which seems to know everything and be everywhere. Think about it- thousands of miles of water unexplored by humans.

And yet even though we know so little about our oceans, we’re perfectly capable of destroying them. Continue reading Celebrate World Oceans Day


How green is your garden?


image courtesy of atomiclemon on deviantart

How eco-friendly is your garden?

Our gardens are one of the few spaces where we can get back to nature and do (almost) what we choose. When set up right, they can become an oasis for wildlife and people alike. If you’re lucky enough to have one, here’s how you can check how green your garden is. Continue reading How green is your garden?

The Carbon Files (Part Four)- Don’t shop ’til you drop

I recently saw an interview in which a celebrity was asked what she would do in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Her reply was: ‘I’d lock myself in a supermarket, where there’s everything I need to survive.’

Supermarkets really do seem to sell absolutely everything we need for day-to-day life. It makes our life easier, and means that all the essential supplies we need are right next to each other. Supermarkets are a huge part of our life- according to the Daily Mail, an average woman spends eight years of her life shopping.

In carbon terms, this is bad news. Continue reading The Carbon Files (Part Four)- Don’t shop ’til you drop

The Carbon Files (Part Two): All The Way Home

Several times every single day, we have to get from A to B.

You might have to get to work, shops, the bank; if you’re my age, you might still be going to school. Usually, the places we go to are fairly near home, but occasionally we roam further afield, sometimes even visiting other countries.

So the question is: when you go places, how do you get there?

Continue reading The Carbon Files (Part Two): All The Way Home

The Carbon Files (Part One): The reason why.

The weather’s going mad. The sea’s rising. Wildlife is changing, islands are disappearing. It’s global warming, and very few serious scientists deny it.

Yes, we’ve all heard about it until we’re bored to death. We all know about the gas wrapped around the Earth, trapping heat underneath it. We know all about the one-way-system heat-in-not-out problem. We know how bad the situation’s getting. We know that it may already be totally out of control, and we know that human activity is causing it.

The real question is: Why aren’t more people doing something about it? Continue reading The Carbon Files (Part One): The reason why.