Beoga: The Incident

I don’t know about you, but the one thing which really annoys me in music is a thud-thud beat with no variation. To paraphrase Roald Dahl, it palpably turns my brain to cheese.

I listen to a pretty broad range of music, as I dance to Irish folk, play classical music, listen to jazz and love me some rock, and I rarely find a single artist or album who incorporates all these things.

Until now, anyway. Beoga – Irish for ‘lively’ – is an Irish band with a difference. Their album ‘The Incident’ is mainly Irish folk, but also an eclectic mix of folk, awesome drums and jazz. There is folksy-vocal stuff in there too, with some amazing singing talent from Niamh Dunne.

I’ve been listening to this whilst relaxing, doing homework, tidying up, all of it. My favourite song is the very first one, Lamped (awesome for dance warm-up). It’s the one which caught my attention when I heard it in the first place, and which persuaded me to look up the band and their work.

You can go and buy it here should you want to- check it out and see if it’s for you.


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