Trees For Victory- planting for the planet

Aren’t trees amazing? Honestly, think about it for a moment. They have roots strong enough to bind soil together, they provide homes for a huge number of animals and they take greenhouse gases out of the air and turn them into oxygen. Also tree houses are the best.

My school eco club thinks so too, and so we were really excited when we heard about a planet-saving project from a kid our age called Felix Finkbeiner. We got even more excited when we realised that we were going to join in with his amazing project.

The idea is simple- everybody on the Earth helps to plant a total of 1.000 billion trees. This, Felix worked out, would not reverse global warming but at least slow it right down. He has been practicing what he preaches, too, and his campaign has already caused twelve billion trees to be planted worldwide. That’s right- twelve billion. It’s a lot. And we thought it was pretty cool.

So we decided to plant one oak tree for every person at my school, and my school’s pretty big. We organized a huge planting event in our local forest including food for everyone and eco information stands, and the school got planting. By the end of the day, we’d got over 1300 trees in the ground.

I learned so much from that event, not just about forests and trees but also about planning large-scale events. Everybody, kids and teachers alike, had the best of times, and the local media came and had a look. As one kid told me: ‘It really feels like we did something good here, you know?’

Of course, there’s a long way to go. To reach the 1.000 billion tree mark, every person on this planet would have to plant about 150 trees. It’s by no means impossible. Felix has proved how much individuals can do when they band together with others. As his website says:

‘It took the Americans only ten years to put a man on the moon, so why should the world’s biggest planting project be impossible?’

The best thing is, this is something we can all join in with. If you have a garden, line it with trees, if there’s a park near your home, suggest to the town that they add a woodland area and then help with the planting. Some people plant a symbolic birth tree for a new-born child; I think that’s a beautiful practice.

What’s your favourite kind of tree? Ever planted one before? Tell me in the comments below, I’d love to know.

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