The Carbon Files (Part One): The reason why.

The weather’s going mad. The sea’s rising. Wildlife is changing, islands are disappearing. It’s global warming, and very few serious scientists deny it.

Yes, we’ve all heard about it until we’re bored to death. We all know about the gas wrapped around the Earth, trapping heat underneath it. We know all about the one-way-system heat-in-not-out problem. We know how bad the situation’s getting. We know that it may already be totally out of control, and we know that human activity is causing it.

The real question is: Why aren’t more people doing something about it? You’d have thought that a man-made apocalypse scenario like the more pessimistic global warming forecasts would have people marching through the streets in their thousands, but apparently no.

I don’t think it’s necessarily lack of knowledge that prevents more people from getting eco active, or lack of resources. I think it’s more the fact that most people don’t feel responsible for something so huge as the entire world heating up. It’s a bit like when the teacher asks a question and every student expects another one to answer it, and the result is nobody saying anything. Put ‘taking responsibility’ as the answer and seven billion other humans as the kids you hope’ll say something, and you’ve got our collective human mentality.

Problem being, of course, that you end up with an entire planet of people metaphorically eyeing each other sideways and hissing: ‘You do something about it!’.

I have to admit that I feel my own generation is particularly bad at this. We’re not really legally responsible for anything very much just yet. Adults tend to do hard things for us. Our parents make big decisions and our teachers tell us what to think. We’re not very good at ‘responsibility’, let alone ‘global responsibility’. It’s just that bit too big and scary, and, frankly, too much like hard work. But it needn’t be.

I’m going to try and bridge the mental gap between ‘I see a problem’ and ‘I’ll fix that problem’ with this series of simple carbon-busting ideas. I’ll be posting a new idea every few days (allowing for the odd exam) until I run out of them, at which point you come in. If you have any ideas of your own for DIY carbon busting, please leave a comment. I want this list of positive actions to keep on growing! Every time I add a new idea, I’ll put the link in this introduction.

And maybe a few people will look at the list we’ve created together and be inspired to act themselves.

~ this whole wide world


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